For Jainism to survive in the UK it was vital to nurture and inspire the children at a young age. Pujya Shri Acharya Chandanaji Maharaj and Sadhvi Shilapiji Maharaj’s vision to address this need manifested itself into the first Jain school in the UK. SCVP was formally started in 1996. Through the inspirational leadership and tireless, dedicated work of Sadhvi Shilapiji Maharaj and the strong commitment of the teachers and Veerayatan Trustees, a solid foundation was laid by starting this school in 1996 that continues until today.

Consistent with Veerayatan’s philosophy, the aim of SCVP is to be, a non-sectarian school that imparts the teachings of Mahavir Bhagwan.


Veerayatan, established in 1973 in Bihar, and now also firmly established in Kutch after the earthquake of 2001, is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation that strives to uplift and empower humanity through the three jewels of humanitarian service (seva), education (shiksha), and inner development (sadhana). Its work is performed without any distinction of caste, creed, race, religion or socioeconomic status.Veerayatan UK is a registered charity (Charity no. 1052906).

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SCVP is the main activity of the UK arm of Veerayatan and the strong commitment of the trustees of Veerayatan UK has enabled the work of SCVP to flourish since its inception. The current trustees of Veerayatan UK are:

Bakul Shah, Jayantkumar Doshi, Navinchandra Sangrajka, Nilesh Kothari, Pramit Shah, Prakash Patalia & Varsha Bakhai.