North London SCVP:

SCVP is run by the SCVP Committee with input from teachers and various sub-committee members. The SCVP Committee meets regularly and its role is to:

  • Develop vision for the School
  • Run School and external events
  • Recruit teachers and youth teachers
  • Review Syllabus with guidance from Sadhvi Shilapiji Maharaj
  • Manage school administration
  • Communicate with parents
  • Conduct website and marketing functions

The current members of the SCVP Committee are:

Bakul Shah (Veerayatan UK Trustee & Treasurer)

Bharti Shah

Jayantkumar Doshi (Veerayatan UK Trustee)

Jitendra Sheth (Secretary and Veerayatan Trustee)

Kajal Sheth (SCVP Headteacher)

Navin Sangrarkha (Veerayatan UK Trustee Chairman)

Nilesh Kothari (Veerayatan UK Trustee & Head of SCVP Committee)

Prakash Patalia (Veerayatan UK Trustee)

Pramit Shah (Veerayatan UK Trustee & Secretary)

Raju Shah

Rita Shah (Head Teacher)

Shefalika Mehta

Sonal Dadia

Varsha Bakhai (Veerayatan UK Trustee)

The teaching at SCVP is conducted by a team of highly motivated and skilled teachers. The role of the teachers is to:

  • Plan and deliver weekly lessons
  • Organise and manage teacher training sessions to enhance knowledge
  • Plan and deliver weekly assembly
  • Share knowledge/techniques with other teachers
  • Give technical input into events and help in the running of events

The current teachers are:

Bakul Shah Pramit Shah
Dinaben Shah Rajeev Shah
Kajal Sheth Rita Shah
Jaimini Shah Sandip Shah
Malini Kothari Sonal Udani
Manjri Shah Tejas Udani
Nilesh Kothari Vaishali Mehta
Nishma Kothari Varsha Bakhai
Preety Mehta Vinod Kapashi

South London SCVP:

The current teachers are :

Geeta Shah Jyotsna Samji
Meena Shah Nailini Kothari
Shruti Malde Trushit Shah
Vibhuti Mehta