Learning at the School is delivered by a group of young and inspirational volunteer teachers from professional backgrounds, many of whom have been teaching for over ten years. The teaching is interactive and based on a detailed curriculum, approved by Sadhvi Shilapiji Maharaj, which is progressive and teaches the children about the core Jain philosophy and the messages preached by Mahavir Bhagwan. Teaching is delivered using a variety of techniques including the use of arts and crafts, debates and discussions, competitions, research and delivery of presentations and visits (such as to a derasar and care home). Children are encouraged to learn sutras and prayers in class and additional optional sutra classes are also offered.

Additional to Children & Adult classes we also have:

 Sutra Class

We run a sutra class to teach our Jain sutras between 7.30 – 8pm.
In this class we teach sutras including samayik sutras and in future we would also like to teach shanti. We encourage adults to pronounce the sutras well and in class give individual training.This class is optional and is open to children and adults.


We have a weekly library

The collection comprises of both Jain books and other positive thinking books, which will enable adults to crystallise the knowledge they have obtained from the classes and to read inspirational books.


We have a comprehensive and varied program of events each year encompassing Jain festivals/rituals with explanations and experiential learning. Please go the events page for more information.

We are excited to announce that Veerayatan has embarked on a new vision, initiated by Pujya Acharya Shri Chandanaji (fondly known as Tai Ma) to empower every member of the family to lead a balanced, happy and fulfilling life. We aim to do this through multiple virtual learning programs for spiritual and holistic development for all ages.

We would like you to complete the following short registration form below by clicking the link. You will find information on existing courses available worldwide which you can join and also we will update you with new courses which we aim to start on 1 Oct for three months.