Shri Chandana Vidyapeeth's (SCVP) philosophy is based on the three pillars which underlie the work undertaken by Veerayatan – Sadhana (spiritual development), Shiksha (education) and Seva (humanitarian service). The aim of SCVP is to:

  • Teach Jain religion to children and adults
  • Impart good values relevant to today’s society to children and adults
  • To train students graduating from the School to themselves give back by becoming youth teachers at the School
  • To promote through experiential learning the value of 'Compassion in Action' as part of daily life

Shri Chandana Vidyapeeth is the longest established Jain School in England and has been running since 1997. Set up by Sadhvi Shri Shilapiji Maharaj under the guidance of Pujya Acharya Shri Chandanaji Maharaj, SCVP has revolutionised Jain teaching in the western world by imparting knowledge and understanding of Jain philosophy to children in English and in a structured and progressive manner. The unique feature of the classes is that they make the learning experience fun, relevant to modern society, encourage debate and discussion to ensure understanding and enable the children to feel part of the community and work as part of a team.

SCVP has a clear message – it is a non-sectarian establishment, promoting unity not only between different organisations but more importantly, to dissolve barriers in the eyes of children and adults so that we all consider ourselves primarily as Jains and followers of the teachings of Mahavir Bhagwan.

SCVP strives to impart moral and ethical values, Jain cultural heritage and simple humaneness with emphasis on teaching ‘universal’ values such as compassion, honesty, love, happiness, unity and charity. The school aims to instil confidence and spiritual values in children and adults so that they have the strength and wisdom to make better choices in today’s competitive and stressful world when faced with difficult choices on what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ or when challenged by peer pressure.