A child’s mind is awake and fertile

With proper guidance it will be able to differentiate between good and bad

It will respond to the challenge of life itself and the challenge to achieve and to succeed

There are no boundaries

There are no limits

SCVP has an extensive programme of annual events in which children are encouraged to take an active part such as the annual Family Fun Day where children organise the events and raise money for good causes, Samayik, English Pratikraman, and the Chopda Poojan and Diwali celebrations. These provide the children with an opportunity to practice what they have learnt and acquire new skills, all within a community setting.

The school is run on Friday evenings. 

Children are divided into classes by age, from 5-16 years old. All the teaching is in English delivered by highly trained and dedicated teachers. Each class has a syllabus that is progressive from year to year. Teaching is varied using lectures, stories, games, plays, workshops, debates and discussions. Children are encouraged to question and debate to crystallise their understanding of our religion. We have a parents evening once a year which gives an opportunity to appraise parents of what is taught in class and answer any questions.

The children are allocated classes based on age groups:

Anamika Class - 5/7 years old

Praveshika 1&2 Class - 8/10 years old

Madhyama 1 Class - 11/12 years old

Madhyama 2 Class - 12 years old

Foundation Class - 13 years old

Modular 1&2 Class - 14/16 years old


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